My approach to counseling at Red Door Counseling and Consultation is somewhat eclectic, drawing on evidence based Western Psychological practices such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Emotion Focused Therapy, Family Systems Theory, Attachment Theory, and Psychodynamic Theory, as well as Eastern understandings of the mind, including mindfulness and meditation. I work with a variety of clients addressing multiple issues, including anxiety, depression, stress management, trauma, personality disorders, LGBT issues, and personal growth. My areas of specialization are working with adolescents and with post-partum depression and anxiety.

Individual Psychotherapy

I approach individual therapy in a collaborative manner, working with clients to help them to uncover their own health and strength that may have become obscured by old patterns. I encourage feedback from clients, particularly about what may not be working for them in therapy. I take an individualized approach with clients, working in the moment to establish connection and safety.


Adolescence is an amazing time of growth, change, and identity formation. It can also be a time of stress and confusion. When working with adolescents and older children, I first work to establish connection and relationship, as we cannot really begin work until a therapeutic alliance exists. I also see issues with kids and teens through a family systems lens, and will include parents and other family members in sessions as necessary. Most of all, I treat all kids with dignity and respect.

Couples Therapy

I work to help couples reaffirm their attachment to each other. In exploring the hurt and disappointment present in the relationship, as well as strengthening the emotional bond, a couple can grow to feel closer and more connected.


Process oriented groups are a wonderful microcosm, and can help individual members explore some of their relational challenges with others in a supported setting. Group members are able to see how they both affect and are affected by others, which allows them to gain greater awareness of their responses in group interactions. Some of the most powerful and transformational work can be done in a group setting.